Saturday, August 07, 2010

MAC In the Groove; Look 1

So, here is a look I did just earlier! It's using products from the new MAC collection, In the Groove.

Products used

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Soft Ivory
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC15
MAC Transparent Finishing Powder
Guerlain Meteorites in Teint Rose
MAC Mineralise Blush Duo in Hang Loose

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
MAC Mineralise Eye Trio in Togetherness
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
MAC Plushlash Mascara
Highlight colour
Inglot silver eyeshadow (they have no names!!)
Inglot lashes

MAC lipstick in Go For It
MAC lipglass in English Accents

For the eyes, apply Painterly paint pot all over the lid, up to the brow bone, and out a little. Apply the lightest colour from Togetherness on the inner third. Apply the middle purple colour on the rest of the lid. Apply the darkest colour from Togetherness in the outer corner, and into the crease. Take a pencil brush, like the MAC 219, and sweep outwards, a little past the brow. Don't go too heavy on this. If you want a less defined 'wing', use the 217 to sweep the colour out.

Using the 219 pencil brush, take a silver shadow, and put it on the inner corner, sweeping up to connect to the black, and sweeping down a little on the lower lash line. On the LLL, put the lightest Togetherness colour first, then the dark purple, then the black, in the same order as the lid. Apply highlight colour. Apply a line of blacktrack- don't wing it, and don't apply too thick on the inner corner. Curl lashes, apply mascara.

Apply false lashes if you want- I didn't glue mine on for this! These lashes are brand new, and I didn't want to ruin them before wearing them out. These lashes are incredible. The tips are bright PURPLE.

Apply Hang Loose to the cheeks lightly. Mainly pick up the pink colour, and blend well. You don't want too heavy blush competing with the eyes. Take some of the purple side to use as a highlight on the cheek bones and on the outer part of the apples. Blend.

For the lips, apply Go For It lipstick, then apply English Accents lipglass.

I know I'm no good at explaining how to do things, but this look was reeeeally difficult for me to do- it was a lot of playing around with brushes and colours. Although, I'm very glad I got a way to make Go For It lipstick work for me! It's such a great, unique colour, and teaming it with the high pigmented pink lipgloss just makes it such a pretty colour.

Hope it was understandable!!
J xx

Friday, August 06, 2010


Wow, haven't posted in a while...I've been waiting for the rest of my MAC In the Groove goodies! Really weird, but my MAC store that I go to did not receive their blushes or eyeshadows (I know the reason why, but I won't go into details!), but today I got a call saying they have them in (however missing three eyeshadows :( ) So I raced in and picked up Hang Loose blush, and on a whim (probably not a responsible one!!), Togetherness eyeshadow trio. I may post two looks for this collection; a simple everyday, and a spazzy look (I bought some fierce false eyelashes today from Inglot- they're PURPLE).

So far from this collection I've bought:

- I Like It Like That lipstick
- Jazzed lipstick
- Go For It lipstick
- Stereo Rose MSF
- Hang Loose blush
- Togetherness eyeshadow

I think I've bought more from this collection than any other. Still possibly may get more!!

Also, this mimco bag? totally adorable.