Saturday, August 07, 2010

MAC In the Groove; Look 1

So, here is a look I did just earlier! It's using products from the new MAC collection, In the Groove.

Products used

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Soft Ivory
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC15
MAC Transparent Finishing Powder
Guerlain Meteorites in Teint Rose
MAC Mineralise Blush Duo in Hang Loose

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
MAC Mineralise Eye Trio in Togetherness
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
MAC Plushlash Mascara
Highlight colour
Inglot silver eyeshadow (they have no names!!)
Inglot lashes

MAC lipstick in Go For It
MAC lipglass in English Accents

For the eyes, apply Painterly paint pot all over the lid, up to the brow bone, and out a little. Apply the lightest colour from Togetherness on the inner third. Apply the middle purple colour on the rest of the lid. Apply the darkest colour from Togetherness in the outer corner, and into the crease. Take a pencil brush, like the MAC 219, and sweep outwards, a little past the brow. Don't go too heavy on this. If you want a less defined 'wing', use the 217 to sweep the colour out.

Using the 219 pencil brush, take a silver shadow, and put it on the inner corner, sweeping up to connect to the black, and sweeping down a little on the lower lash line. On the LLL, put the lightest Togetherness colour first, then the dark purple, then the black, in the same order as the lid. Apply highlight colour. Apply a line of blacktrack- don't wing it, and don't apply too thick on the inner corner. Curl lashes, apply mascara.

Apply false lashes if you want- I didn't glue mine on for this! These lashes are brand new, and I didn't want to ruin them before wearing them out. These lashes are incredible. The tips are bright PURPLE.

Apply Hang Loose to the cheeks lightly. Mainly pick up the pink colour, and blend well. You don't want too heavy blush competing with the eyes. Take some of the purple side to use as a highlight on the cheek bones and on the outer part of the apples. Blend.

For the lips, apply Go For It lipstick, then apply English Accents lipglass.

I know I'm no good at explaining how to do things, but this look was reeeeally difficult for me to do- it was a lot of playing around with brushes and colours. Although, I'm very glad I got a way to make Go For It lipstick work for me! It's such a great, unique colour, and teaming it with the high pigmented pink lipgloss just makes it such a pretty colour.

Hope it was understandable!!
J xx

Friday, August 06, 2010


Wow, haven't posted in a while...I've been waiting for the rest of my MAC In the Groove goodies! Really weird, but my MAC store that I go to did not receive their blushes or eyeshadows (I know the reason why, but I won't go into details!), but today I got a call saying they have them in (however missing three eyeshadows :( ) So I raced in and picked up Hang Loose blush, and on a whim (probably not a responsible one!!), Togetherness eyeshadow trio. I may post two looks for this collection; a simple everyday, and a spazzy look (I bought some fierce false eyelashes today from Inglot- they're PURPLE).

So far from this collection I've bought:

- I Like It Like That lipstick
- Jazzed lipstick
- Go For It lipstick
- Stereo Rose MSF
- Hang Loose blush
- Togetherness eyeshadow

I think I've bought more from this collection than any other. Still possibly may get more!!

Also, this mimco bag? totally adorable.


Sunday, July 25, 2010


So, I got up very early this morning...8am, I know. Early, right? BUT IT WAS MY LAST DAY OFF WORK. Dedication. Yep. Anywho, I made it in (MAC opens at 9:30 here). Get to MAC. Two girls in front of me (wtf? who is up that early and IN TOWN?). It's ok, I'm sure they're not buying Stereo Rose MSF. Girl in front of me gets there. She asks, 'is there another one?' and the MAC MUA answers, 'sorry we're not allowed to sell four of the same item.' I almost SHIT myself. What would anyone want four of? Oh, of course. STEREO ROSE. Get up to the MUA. We chat for a minute (we know each other- I'm in there so often!), and then I'm like, 'Okay, I'll grab stereo rose!!' She's like, 'Oh, I'm pretty sure we're sold out.' My stomach literally falls out my butt, and I go, 'Are you fucking serious...!!!!!!!' and she checks, as I'm saying, 'ahhh that was the only reason why I came into town :(((((('

She opens her magical draw of goodies and lo and behold STEREO ROSE IN ALL ITS GLORY. The last one. THE LAST ONE. In my city. So I finally nabbed stereo rose, the last stereo rose in my city.

AHHHHHHH! It's so beautiful! It was sooo worth getting up early on my day off for this!

Also, I'm sorry, but seriously? Who would buy three of one item? Especially from a LE collection? They're should be rules in place that states one per person, because any more than that is just SELFISH. Especially when it's an item that they only have 10 of. I don't think I'd EVER buy more than one LE item, especially an MSF. Who's ever going to finish it anyway, and by the time you use a lot of it up, it'll probably be repromoted anyway, or something more gorgeous and prettier will come along! Grr. Anywho.

I also picked up I Like It Like That lipstick, and I shall be picking up Hang Loose blush on Wednesday when they (hopefully) have the rest of the collection out!

J xxxxxxxx

Saphire Siren Quad Tutorial

I did a look today using my new Saphire Siren Maybelling Eyestudio quad. :) Here it is!

(Wtf, since when have I had a dimple?)

So, what I used:

- Moisturiser
- Inglot Under Make-up Base
- Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation in Soft Ivory
- MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC15
- Random L'oreal blush (light pink, undertone coral)
- MAC Beauty Powder in Summer Rose (from Give Me Liberty of London)
- MAC transparent finishing powder
- Guerlain Meteorites in Teint Rose

- MAC paint in Bare Canvas
- MAC Shimmermoss eyeshadow
- Maybelline Eye Studio in Saphire Siren
- MAC Eye Kohl in Float on By (from To the Beach)
- Clinique Mascara
- 1000 hour Lashes in Wild Damsel (used with DUO lash glue)
- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

- MAC lipstick in Snob

Brushes I used
- Stippling Brush from inglot
- Ecotools kabuki and blush brush
- MAC 217
- MAC 219
- MAC 239
- Thin eyeliner brush (I use one from inglot)

For the eyes, apply your base; I use MAC bare canvas paint (sometimes painterly paint pot when I'm not going out for 5+ hours). Apply shimmermoss e/s to the inner third of the lid using the 239. Apply the Maybelline light teal (second from left) to the middle of the lid with the 239. Blend with the shimmermoss lightly. Apply the sea blue (second from right) to the outer third of the lid, blending lightly upwards, also with the 239. If you need to, add a bit more blue, but blending upwards towards the brow bone, and blending lightly across the crease. If you need to, use the 217 to blend more. Apply the shimmery white shadow (first on the left) to the inner corner with the 219, blending upwards towards the blue in the crease. Also apply slightly on lower lash line. Apply shimmermoss e/s on the 1/3 of the lower lash line, then the teal in the middle, then the sea blue on the outer third, making sure to connect with the blue on the lid. Apply your gel eyeliner on the upper lash line, then curl lashes and apply mascara. Then apply false lashes. Apply Snob lipstick by MAC to lips, and your choice of coral/pink blush to cheeks.


Hope it was enjoyable (and readable!).

J xx

Maybelline Eye Studio; Impressive

So, the other week whilst walking through Priceline (Australia's crappy alternative to Sephora), and I spotted the Maybelline Eye Studio quads! Finally! I've been waiting for these for SO LONG. I've seen some good reviews about them, and I'm glad I picked one up. I bought 'Saphire Siren'. It was around $13AUD.

(Yes, that is my leg- whoo bright blue voodoo tights!)

So, the colours that are included in this quad are a light whitish silver colour, a teal blue, a deep sea blue, and a glittery black. All colours are very nicely pigmented, the teal and sea blue being the most pigmented; as in, crazy pigmentation. More than MAC.

(Sorry about the blurriness! This is the best photo I could muster). All I did was rub my finger in each colour up and down once. They're not chalky. The black colour could be a little softer, but it is still not chalky. It's quite nice.

Overall, I'm very happy with this eyeshadow quad. I'm going to pick up another one if I can, preferably a nice gold and brown quad or something- not sure :)

Anywho, I highly reccommend these shadows. I've done a look, so I'll do a quick tute in my next post :)

J xx


Poor form! Here I am, taking time out of my busy sunday, to go all the way into town, AND YOU'RE NOT EVEN ALL THERE. In the Groove...quite possibly my most anticipated collection since Liberty of London, and it's not all there yet! :(((

Now I have to go back into town tomorrow just to pick up my stereo rose at 9:30 on the dot...on my last day off! Uncool to the MAX. I really hope they have the hang loose blush as well, otherwise shit is gonna fly (I already know they have I Like it Like That).

Needless to say, I'm quite upset.

On a happier note, I lay-by'd my sunnies today! Whooooo, another two weeks and I get them :D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dior Makeup

Dior's runway show makeup really makes me want to get some mixing medium and MAC pigments and go nuts. I could so rock some of these looks.

Imma get me some more Peter Alexander

How freaking cute are these pyjamas? I need them now. Right now.

$59 from Peter Alexander, here

J xx

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marchesa Resort 2011

It's no secret that I love Marchesa :) I want to be married in Marchesa, I want to sleep in Marchesa, hell, I'd live in Marchesa and then die in it, too. I can't believe I didn't know that their Resort 2011 line came out! Stupid, stupid me! Anywho, here are some of my fave picks from the line

Photos from :) Check the rest of the line out there, too.

Stay Fabulous!
J xx

Why every girl wants to be Lily Allen.

Can I just say that I am


to get my chanel sunnies? I've had a pair on hold for a while, and I'm going to layby them this pay! I'm so excited!! I love chanel, and I finally get to own a lovely piece of the orgasmic fashion house.

(No, they're not any of those :( I can't find a pic of my sunnies anywhere!! I'll post a pic of them after I get them :) )

I'd just like to point out that I love the case they come in just as much as the sunnies themselves! It's a gorgeous black quilted case, with a gunmetal coloured metal chanel logo in the corner. It's gorgeous! Lovin' it :)

Hope everyone is keeping fabulous
Much love,
J xx

Sunday, July 18, 2010

MAC In the Groove Hype!!

So, can I just say that I'm FREAKING EXCITED about MAC's new collection, In the Groove? It releases here on July 26th (or was that August 26th? I think it's July, but I hope it's August!!). I'm a little sad, as I still need to lay-by my beautiful Chanel sunnies that I'm getting! But they can wait, as MAC is clearly more important (Stereo Rose, anyone?). But, I think I'm gonna have to do both at the same time. So only the most important things come first!

I'm planning on getting (I need to swatch in-store first!)-
- Stereo Rose!
- I Like It Like That lipstick
- Hang Loose mineralise blush

I know, only three things, but here that adds up to $131AUD!!! That is quite a bit for only three products. I may get more, but that'll have to wait until a later date.

Anywho, here is a look that I did earlier. I decided to theme it for MAC To the Beach, as I never really did a TtB post or whatevs. I didn't end up getting much from it- I bought Shimmermoss eyeshadow (only in the normal packaging though, I'm not paying an extra $5 for funky green plastic!), Float on By eye kohl, and Life's a Breeze lip pencil.

Anywho, here's the look

And here's a full face

What I'm wearing!

- Neutrogena Moisturiser (booooring, I know)
- Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Soft Ivory
- MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC15
- MAC Transperant Powder
- Guerlain Meteorites in Teint Rose

- Some random L'oreal blush on the bottom
- MAC Liberty of London Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl

- MAC Painterly Paint Pot
- A random bright green Inglot shadow (inner third) (think MAC Lucky Green)
- MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow (out 2/3rds of Lid)
- MAC Birds & Berries Eyeshadow (crease and outer v)
- Clinique mascara
- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
- 1000 hour lashes (used with DUO lash glue)

- MAC Life's a Breeze Lip Pencil
- MAC Nymphette Lipglass

Brushes I used:
- Inglot stippling brush (think MAC 187)
- Ecotools Blush Brush + Retractable Kabuki Brush
- MAC 217
- MAC 219
- MAC 239

Now, normally I would use a face primer (Inglot Under Make-up Base), but with the Laura Mercier foundation, if I'm not wearing it for about 5+ hours, I prefer not to use a base, as the LM foundation tends to accentuate dryness- and my primer is silicone based, so drying (I need a new one!!). So, when I don't use primer, I only use moisturiser :)

Much Love,
J xx

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My thoughts on: Clinique 3-Step

So, it seems like every single cosmetics counter I go to, whenever I'm asked what skincare I'm using, and I answer 'clinique', I get the dirtiest, horrified looks from the MUAs! What is this! Yes, I understand that Clinique does have some terrible products, I know. Trust me, I know. I'm not an idiot when it comes to beauty; I do my research, read reviews, both user and expert, and check the ingrediants. Then, I see if I can get samples. Seriously, I'm so sick and tired of being told that all clinique is awful- it's not. C'mon guys, FFS, it's not all terrible. Clinique has some really good items.

Anyway, onto their main seller; 3-Step Skincare System. I actually got a whole load of samples of this before I bought the full sized, and initially I absolutely loved it. Do I still love it? Yeah, I do. To list, I bought
  • Liquid Facial Soap in mild (the middle level one)
  • Clarifying Lotion 1
I didn't buy the DDMG because it's around $70 here in Australia; could not afford it. But, when I bought the above, I actually got a mini anti-blemish 3-step for free. That included
  • Anti-Blemish Facial Soap Bar
  • Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion
  • Anti-Blemish Clearing Moisturiser
  • And it came with a really cute little bag!
Onto my thoughts on each!

Liquid Facial Soap
  • I actually love this stuff. It's very gentle, and even though I have oily skin, I use the mild one as I was worried the oily one would dry out my skin (something pretty common with clinique products). I bought this bigger bottle, and it was $29. I use two pumps for my skin, and I first lather in my hands, then put all over my face in circular motions. I then leave it on my face for about a minute. Then I rinse off. Simple! I love it. It does make my skin feel a little tight after a while if I don't tone straight away.
Clarifying Lotion 1
  • This is really gentle. I don't feel as though it dries my skin out. Even though I'm oily, I would NEVER buy the number 3 CL. I don't think I'd ever recommend anyone to go above 1. It does contain alcohol- something that does irritate the skin. I feel that clarifying lotion 1 is gentle enough to not irritate, however.
Anti-Blemish Facial Soap Bar
  • I've actually only used this twice...the bar that I got was actually huge. It's not the full sized, but it's like getting two sample bars, maybe. The reason I've only used this twice is because anything in bar form will clog your pores. Simple as that. The ingrediants that make it solid will clog your pores. Yes, the bar is WAY more economical, lasts for freaking AGES (the tiny little sample bar you get from the counter literally lasted me a good two months, and I've still got a decent amount left).
Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion
  • Yeah, I tried this once...broke me out. I don't think I'd want people to use this...Yes, it does contain salicylic acid, but you know what else it has? High levels of alcohol, menthol and I'm fairly sure it has witch hazel- THREE high irritant ingrediants.
Anti-Blemish Clearing Moisturiser
  • OMG I FREAKING LOVE THIS STUFF. It's such a good moisturiser. It's oil free, and contains a good level of benzoyl peroxide- the acne clearing miracle. It moisturises my skin really well, and does not dry me out. It makes my skin feel so soft, and I love love love love this stuff. Seriously.
Of course, I am NOT a skincare expert! This is just my opinion and knowledge from reading about the products and ingrediants. I've mainly read up about this in the 'Don't Go To the Cosmetics Counter Without Me' by the woman who invented the brand Paula's Choice. It is a really good book; contains reviews about almost all beauty brands and skin care brands, with all their products. Also contains a fabulous chapter about general skincare down to the sciences of it (all about cells), plus a great ingrediant dictionary at the back of the book. Highly recommend!

Anyway, hope that helped someone!

Much love,
J xx

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inglot Brush Appreciation Society

Hello! Today I'm reviewing my stippling brush from Inglot! Sorry, it's a bit dirty- I did spot clean it before this photo. The tips are normally white!

So, this is Inglot's stippling brush- the 27TG. It retails in AUS for $60- $15 lower than MAC's 187. I believe the black hairs are squirrel substitute, and the white bristles are taklon, so as far as I can tell, it's a synthetic brush- something you don't see very often. On initial inspection, the bristles are quite soft, albeit not as soft as MAC's 187, but still soft.

Use...well, I've never used MAC 187, so I have nothing to compare to. I use this brush with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation, and it applies well; better than a foundation brush.

The only quarrel I have with this brush is that it SHEDS. Not like mad, but it's irritating when buffing in foundation, and you've actually got a hair on your face...and it's a bit difficult to try and pick this hair off your face; you'd be surprised. It also smells a bit...I'm not quite sure what of, but it smells.

Don't get me wrong, I'm quite happy with this brush, I don't really regret buying it, however I'm slightly disappointed I didn't just wait for $15 and buy the MAC 187.

VERDICT! Dun dun dunnn...
  • Good brush for thicker foundation
  • Soft bristles, however it sheds
  • If you can get the MAC 187 or 188, do it. I wish I had.

Until next time, chickadees!

Much love, J

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My favourite makeup sites/channels!

So, as I said in my introductory post, I said I'd post links to the best makeup websites and youtube channels; the places where I learnt everything I know.

This is the most amazing website. I cannot give this site a good enough review. So helpful, so many tutorials, sneak peeks on new collections, info on all makeup including high end to drug store, video tutorials, and so so so much more. I love this site so much, I'm on there several times a day. Do check it out :)

This is a great website for looking at things you're interested in before you buy. Karla swatches everything- she has all MAC lipsticks and blushes up, including d/c pigments. Such an amazing, site.

Youtube Channels

This is my favourite youtube channel! Megan is amazing at what she does, she started out as mainly a MAC collector, but has now branched out to less mainstream brands, including drustore brands. She has heaps of tutorial vids, lots of haul vids, really helpful videos on storage, makeup collection videos, and even videos featuring her fiance with guy advice! She always responds to video questions, and is very friendly and helpful. And being the Australian I am, I'm sometimes really irritated by accents from the US, but I can say confidently that Megan's voice is nowhere near annoying.
Check her videos out, you'll learn so so much :)


I've actually only just started watching Blair's videos, but I'm already in love with them. They're really cute and fun, and Blair adds a lot of cute conversational comments. She really knows what she's talking about when it comes to beauty and skincare, and I am so shocked to learn she is only 17! She has tutorials, informative videos, and then just random videos that are still fun to watch. Check her out.


This channel is made by Marlena. Marlena is quite possibly the nicest youtuber I've watched. Her voice sounds so calming and kind. Oh, and she has makeup videos! Haul vids, collection vids, storage, how to clean brush vids, and tutorials (including offtopic topics!). This is another one of my ultimate favourite channels, please check her out, you'll fall in love!


This girl is so cute and nice! Her videos are so well done, and her tips are amazing. I especially love her favourites of the month videos. Also has really fabulous tutorials, and I love watching her haul videos.

I really hope this video was useful, and subscribe to all of these youtube channels- they are so helpful, and I've learnt so much from watching them.

Much love! J

Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover

I was actually given this by a friend (hello friend!), as she is ridiculously obsessed with clinique and had too much apparently, so she was lovely and gave me some :) One of these items was their Makeup Remover. It's basically a two level (?) remover, which you shake to combine before use. It takes off your makeup...funnily enough.

Unfortunately, I cannot stand this remover. It is oily, greasy, does not remove all traces, and...well, it's oily! For someone with oily skin, I don't need any more oil!

It takes off eye makeup okay, but doesn't do too well with mascara (it does say, 'for lids, lashes & lips'). But honestly, I try to use this as little as possible, because it is so stupidly oily.

Such a short review, this product doesn't deserve anything longer. Poor form, Clinique, poor form.

Much love, J

MAC Studio Fix Fluid + Powder

So, I bought the powder first, after much 'research' on the net. It had good reviews on mostly all sites, offered good coverage, and flawless finish. I was sold. (This was also my first ever MAC product!)

I marched into my MAC counter at Myer, and bought my Studio Fix Foundation (powder). It cost me $8...because I had a $30 voucher (an x-mas pressie from my best friend), and a $10 voucher from my mum who had a myer one gift voucher. So, with my $8 foundation, I marched home so very, very excited. Using the Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot makeup primer, the powder was fairly good. It had fabulous coverage, covered the redness, and application was simple.

With more internet research, I decided I desperately NEEDED the Studio Fix Fluid. So, I went into MAC Myer, and picked up my SFF for $48 (no vouchers this time). I was matched as an NW15. I took it home (I had bought brushes that same day). I applied it when I got home, and wow! I was so, so impressed! The coverage was AMAZING. The application was next to flawless. I loved it so, so much.

I still love it today. HOWEVER. As I have been converted to MAC in David Jones, I was then informed a couple of weeks ago that I was matched the wrong colour. I was fuming, furious, and several other f-words-meaning-angry. That night, whilst in the shower, I thought of my argument in my head as to why I deserved an exchange! So, the next day, I marched into MAC Myer, foundation and receipts in hand, ready to put up a fight. Fortunately, the fight was unnecessary, as the MUA understood, as was very happy to give me an exchange to the right colour fluid foundation, NC15. I kept the same powder, NW15, as it tones down the yellowness of the NC.

I can say though, that a lot of people have had problems with this breaking them out. I can safely say this has not happened to me, and my skin is both acne prone and fairly sensitive (burning whilst walking down the mall for a couple of minutes sensitive). So do be warned, and make sure that you check that you can return the foundation if it breaks you out (so keep your receipts!!).

A note though, invest in a good stippling brush. A foundation brush is okay for application, but the foundation is so heavy that the bristles stick together after a use, and make your foundation streaky- so wash your brush in between uses if you're going to use a foundation brush.

If you want any other information, comment!

Much love, J

Monday, April 19, 2010

Upcoming reviews!

So, just to let you know what is coming up! I'm just charging my camera batteries now, so I'll be taking photos (hopefully) tomorrow.

  • Inglot Stippling Brush
  • Inglot Freedom System Pallette
  • MAC Brush Cleanser
  • Clinique Eyeshadows
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid + Powder
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer
  • Body Shop Shading Brush
  • Ecotools Brush Set
  • Inglot Under Make-up Base
  • Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot Primer
Hauls + Review
  • MAC Give Me Liberty of London
  • MAC Prepped For Glamour
  • MAC Lipsticks
I can probably think of a million other things I could do as well, but I'm sure these will keep me busy until my next pay!

Much Love, J

Welcome to my Beauty Bag.

Hi, I'm J.

After many months of being obsessed with makeup, I decided to start my own beauty blog. I've perused the beauty blog world for a while now, and have my old favourites list. :)

I'm not a make up artist, but I plan to save up for a cert. II in make-up services course. I honestly love make-up to death, and most of my friends and family can't understand my obsession! I do spend too much money on make-up- it is all worth it, though!

My main purpose for this blog is reviews and general thoughts, tips, etc. I may even post unrelated makeup posts from time to time. I most likely won't swatch things or talk about upcoming collections- there are so many blogs out there that already do that.

To be honest, I've only been collecting makeup since about January or February of this year. I've taught myself everything I know, mainly from watching youtube videos (there are some amazing channels out there, I shall post some links to the most helpful). My favourite cosmetic companies at the moment are MAC and Inglot. I plan on purchasing some items from Chanel, and am getting a couple of items from Guerlain soon. I also have a couple of items from Clinique.

I'm from Australia, so there are so so so many brands that are just unavailable here (I'm looking at you, NYX, Urban Decay, Wet n Wild). I'd love to just go to the US for a week just for Sephora! there is honestly nothing here like that, and it is so disappointing.

Anyway, hope to see you back soon, and feel free to drop suggestions, requests, etc.

Much Love, J