Friday, August 06, 2010


Wow, haven't posted in a while...I've been waiting for the rest of my MAC In the Groove goodies! Really weird, but my MAC store that I go to did not receive their blushes or eyeshadows (I know the reason why, but I won't go into details!), but today I got a call saying they have them in (however missing three eyeshadows :( ) So I raced in and picked up Hang Loose blush, and on a whim (probably not a responsible one!!), Togetherness eyeshadow trio. I may post two looks for this collection; a simple everyday, and a spazzy look (I bought some fierce false eyelashes today from Inglot- they're PURPLE).

So far from this collection I've bought:

- I Like It Like That lipstick
- Jazzed lipstick
- Go For It lipstick
- Stereo Rose MSF
- Hang Loose blush
- Togetherness eyeshadow

I think I've bought more from this collection than any other. Still possibly may get more!!

Also, this mimco bag? totally adorable.


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