Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio; Impressive

So, the other week whilst walking through Priceline (Australia's crappy alternative to Sephora), and I spotted the Maybelline Eye Studio quads! Finally! I've been waiting for these for SO LONG. I've seen some good reviews about them, and I'm glad I picked one up. I bought 'Saphire Siren'. It was around $13AUD.

(Yes, that is my leg- whoo bright blue voodoo tights!)

So, the colours that are included in this quad are a light whitish silver colour, a teal blue, a deep sea blue, and a glittery black. All colours are very nicely pigmented, the teal and sea blue being the most pigmented; as in, crazy pigmentation. More than MAC.

(Sorry about the blurriness! This is the best photo I could muster). All I did was rub my finger in each colour up and down once. They're not chalky. The black colour could be a little softer, but it is still not chalky. It's quite nice.

Overall, I'm very happy with this eyeshadow quad. I'm going to pick up another one if I can, preferably a nice gold and brown quad or something- not sure :)

Anywho, I highly reccommend these shadows. I've done a look, so I'll do a quick tute in my next post :)

J xx

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