Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MAC Studio Fix Fluid + Powder

So, I bought the powder first, after much 'research' on the net. It had good reviews on mostly all sites, offered good coverage, and flawless finish. I was sold. (This was also my first ever MAC product!)

I marched into my MAC counter at Myer, and bought my Studio Fix Foundation (powder). It cost me $8...because I had a $30 voucher (an x-mas pressie from my best friend), and a $10 voucher from my mum who had a myer one gift voucher. So, with my $8 foundation, I marched home so very, very excited. Using the Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot makeup primer, the powder was fairly good. It had fabulous coverage, covered the redness, and application was simple.

With more internet research, I decided I desperately NEEDED the Studio Fix Fluid. So, I went into MAC Myer, and picked up my SFF for $48 (no vouchers this time). I was matched as an NW15. I took it home (I had bought brushes that same day). I applied it when I got home, and wow! I was so, so impressed! The coverage was AMAZING. The application was next to flawless. I loved it so, so much.

I still love it today. HOWEVER. As I have been converted to MAC in David Jones, I was then informed a couple of weeks ago that I was matched the wrong colour. I was fuming, furious, and several other f-words-meaning-angry. That night, whilst in the shower, I thought of my argument in my head as to why I deserved an exchange! So, the next day, I marched into MAC Myer, foundation and receipts in hand, ready to put up a fight. Fortunately, the fight was unnecessary, as the MUA understood, as was very happy to give me an exchange to the right colour fluid foundation, NC15. I kept the same powder, NW15, as it tones down the yellowness of the NC.

I can say though, that a lot of people have had problems with this breaking them out. I can safely say this has not happened to me, and my skin is both acne prone and fairly sensitive (burning whilst walking down the mall for a couple of minutes sensitive). So do be warned, and make sure that you check that you can return the foundation if it breaks you out (so keep your receipts!!).

A note though, invest in a good stippling brush. A foundation brush is okay for application, but the foundation is so heavy that the bristles stick together after a use, and make your foundation streaky- so wash your brush in between uses if you're going to use a foundation brush.

If you want any other information, comment!

Much love, J

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