Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to my Beauty Bag.

Hi, I'm J.

After many months of being obsessed with makeup, I decided to start my own beauty blog. I've perused the beauty blog world for a while now, and have my old favourites list. :)

I'm not a make up artist, but I plan to save up for a cert. II in make-up services course. I honestly love make-up to death, and most of my friends and family can't understand my obsession! I do spend too much money on make-up- it is all worth it, though!

My main purpose for this blog is reviews and general thoughts, tips, etc. I may even post unrelated makeup posts from time to time. I most likely won't swatch things or talk about upcoming collections- there are so many blogs out there that already do that.

To be honest, I've only been collecting makeup since about January or February of this year. I've taught myself everything I know, mainly from watching youtube videos (there are some amazing channels out there, I shall post some links to the most helpful). My favourite cosmetic companies at the moment are MAC and Inglot. I plan on purchasing some items from Chanel, and am getting a couple of items from Guerlain soon. I also have a couple of items from Clinique.

I'm from Australia, so there are so so so many brands that are just unavailable here (I'm looking at you, NYX, Urban Decay, Wet n Wild). I'd love to just go to the US for a week just for Sephora! there is honestly nothing here like that, and it is so disappointing.

Anyway, hope to see you back soon, and feel free to drop suggestions, requests, etc.

Much Love, J

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