Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My favourite makeup sites/channels!

So, as I said in my introductory post, I said I'd post links to the best makeup websites and youtube channels; the places where I learnt everything I know.


This is the most amazing website. I cannot give this site a good enough review. So helpful, so many tutorials, sneak peeks on new collections, info on all makeup including high end to drug store, video tutorials, and so so so much more. I love this site so much, I'm on there several times a day. Do check it out :)


This is a great website for looking at things you're interested in before you buy. Karla swatches everything- she has all MAC lipsticks and blushes up, including d/c pigments. Such an amazing, site.

Youtube Channels

This is my favourite youtube channel! Megan is amazing at what she does, she started out as mainly a MAC collector, but has now branched out to less mainstream brands, including drustore brands. She has heaps of tutorial vids, lots of haul vids, really helpful videos on storage, makeup collection videos, and even videos featuring her fiance with guy advice! She always responds to video questions, and is very friendly and helpful. And being the Australian I am, I'm sometimes really irritated by accents from the US, but I can say confidently that Megan's voice is nowhere near annoying.
Check her videos out, you'll learn so so much :)



I've actually only just started watching Blair's videos, but I'm already in love with them. They're really cute and fun, and Blair adds a lot of cute conversational comments. She really knows what she's talking about when it comes to beauty and skincare, and I am so shocked to learn she is only 17! She has tutorials, informative videos, and then just random videos that are still fun to watch. Check her out.



This channel is made by Marlena. Marlena is quite possibly the nicest youtuber I've watched. Her voice sounds so calming and kind. Oh, and she has makeup videos! Haul vids, collection vids, storage, how to clean brush vids, and tutorials (including offtopic topics!). This is another one of my ultimate favourite channels, please check her out, you'll fall in love!



This girl is so cute and nice! Her videos are so well done, and her tips are amazing. I especially love her favourites of the month videos. Also has really fabulous tutorials, and I love watching her haul videos.


I really hope this video was useful, and subscribe to all of these youtube channels- they are so helpful, and I've learnt so much from watching them.

Much love! J

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